Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rippy Trail

It was a great afternoon when I finally got to explore this trail.  I heard that in the past (Summer of 2014) a trail crew worked on this trail by  cleaning out the brush and I was eager to attend.

However, in June the main sign was missing and the "Jim Creek" overview sign was far from the trail at the end of the dirt road down Maud in Palmer, AK.  My great friend, Christina, was eager to help me find this "new to me" trail.  After trying a few trails that branch off from the turnaround spot, we were not positive we took the right trail.  (the trail guide I had said it was no elevation and hard to find--not helpful)

We proceeded to the Jim Lake (even though the trail book said not to), and ran into a State Trooper.  He informed us that the trail at two o'clock (if standing in the center and facing the nearest mountain is the correct trail.

We were happy to mark off the trail, but since the latest improvements we didn't need to.  Also, we carefully hauled our extra shoes to cross the river.  But, we didn't need those either because someone kindly installed an industrial strength bridge.  *the trail ends as soon as you cross the bridge and makes a little loop.  I don't know why they installed a bridge.

The best view is at the top of a hill and a short jog to the right.  You must take it to be swept away by His Beauty.

Easy trail with a bridge at the end -one beautiful overlook. You do share this trail with 4 wheelers and bikes.

Name:Rippy trail
Date:Apr 22, 2015 6:58 pm
(valid until Apr 14, 2016)
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Distance:3.8 miles
Elapsed Time:1:41:34
Avg Speed:2.0 mph
Max Speed:6.9 mph
Avg Pace:30' 34" per mile
Min Altitude:134 ft
Max Altitude:366 ft
Start Time:2015-04-23T02:58:53Z
Start Location:
Latitude:61º 33' 32" N
Longitude:148º 55' 05" W
End Location:
Latitude:61º 33' 32" N
Longitude:148º 55' 07" W

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