Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Intake Trail- McRoberts Creek

One of my favorite trails to exercise.  This is a special trail because it is accessible and close to Palmer.  It is a great workout up to the River.

If you go up the actual Mat Peak Trail (verge left a little ways right before the steep hill) you can get a fun wooded trail hike and then at the overlook to see Pioneer Peak and the Butte you head down on a little connector trail

Start at the Mat Peak trailhead just at the end of Smith Rd. Follow the trail to the creek.

Name:Intake trails
Date:Feb 11, 2015 7:54 am
(valid until Apr 14, 2016)
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Distance:2.69 miles
Elapsed Time:40:59.8
Avg Speed:3.9 mph
Max Speed:12.1 mph
Avg Pace:15' 15" per mile
Min Altitude:403 ft
Max Altitude:1,301 ft
Start Time:2015-02-11T16:54:51Z
Start Location:
Latitude:61º 35' 58" N
Longitude:149º 00' 02" W
End Location:
Latitude:61º 35' 58" N
Longitude:149º 00' 00" W

But, it is also my favorite way to go to Matanuska Peak. At the river, you head to the trail that follows the river.  It is more straight up because there is limited switchbacks.  The river is noisy and it can get overgrown easily.

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