Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wishbone Hill

A little hidden gem is Wishbone Hill.  You head Right on Jonesville Road in Sutton, AK.  Then you follow the road to a hard left to Slipper Lake where many RV and trailers with ATV are camped. At .4 mile on Slipper Lake Road (google map point) take a hard right down a road with lots of ATV traffic.  The road is curvy and gravel.  You will pass a large shooting/gravel pit on the right.  Then after the man made large ups and downs (caution go slow or bottom out) at 2.05 mile, park on the right off the main road.  there is a place that heads to more fire pits.  Lock your car and walk across the road to the trail.

There is a little flagging tape on the trees.  It is a trail but to discourage 4 wheelers it is a bit overgrown and NO trailhead marker.  I made a google point here if you want to check your gps/phone.

Then a few hundred of feet you will see the only tricky part.  You will cross a shale/fossil bed up toward the top the trail meanders in the woods.  If you need a break, pick up a rock and look at it.  It is the largest fossil treasure that I have seen.

Through the woods, it was a bit of a scramble at times.

The trail is  clearly marked (in orange tape)  and once on top of the ridge you will head left in the grassy almost prairie like terrain.

You will then go down into a valley with a mysteriously looking large rock shaped like a shoe (only from the top do you see it was a shoe) .  Then back up the hill.

The next section keep heading up but there is many game trails that will lead you in a variety of ways.  Keep hiking up and you will reach a nice overlook that is amazing. Great picnic spot but it can be windy.

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