Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rodgers Lake Trail at Knik River Lodge

Length:  1.57 miles to the lake
Time:  It took us 2 hour 11 minutes round trip.  

A short 11 miles towards Knik Glacier, the gracious host at Knik River Lodge would love guest to come and enjoy this clearly marked trail.

Finding the Trailhead:  After parking, walk quietly through the private cabins that will most likely have guest to a newly build retaining wall.
Turn right and walk along the wall toward the mountain and come to a nice trail marker sign.

Pro's:  The trail is clearly marked.  There are opportunities to be deceived by game trails that go over the trail, but the nice stakes with orange and orange electrical tape is clearly marked every few 50 feet to make sure you keep your eyes on the trail.  

Nice rope to cross a creek and to have a hand hold up a steep gorge.  

A few great vistas for great overlook of the valley.

Perfect Lake to cool off at the end.  

Con's:  It soon can be overgrown because of the terrain. So, would recommend it for spring/fall hiking.  

Poles would be helpful for those timid of the steep sections coming up or down.  

Fun trip

Name:Rodgers Lake Trail
Date:Apr 17, 2016 2:56 pm
(valid until Oct 14, 2016)
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Distance:3.14 miles
Elapsed Time:2:12:06
Avg Speed:1.4 mph
Max Speed:7.3 mph
Avg Pace:42' 07" per mile
Min Altitude:330 ft
Max Altitude:717 ft
Start Time:2016-04-17T22:56:01Z
Start Location:
Latitude:61º 26' 02" N
Longitude:148º 45' 57" W
End Location:
Latitude:61º 26' 00" N
Longitude:148º 45' 50" W

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