Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pioneer Peak 2016

this is on the south peak, with our backs against a little edge and thankful for a moment of peace/view

What an amazing day we had up Pioneer Peak (the south one).  Our friend, Stephen was about to leave, so we hiked it earlier than we normally do.  But, I liked it better.  The trail was not as overgrown.

You can see the places we hiked by clicking here.  My phone died, so the trail says 5 hours 35, but actually, it took us 8 1/2 hours.  We did a bit longer because of avoiding some snow patches.

The trail is fun and climbs, and climbs.  At the ridge, you still climb but about 1 hour of steep incline, we did get a breather and AMAZING VIEWS.
The trail earlier on can be muddy, but we only had a few shimmies around some muddier sections.

This is my second summit. It is high and has some epic steps that you must take, but it is worth it.  I spent four times not brave enough to go father.  I am thankful for a husband who coaches me and allows me to stop if I feel unsure.  I really recommend taking someone who has done it before when hiking this mountain (if at all possible).  However, a few tips.

1) Most dogs have trouble at the top because of the various "sheep trails" that lead to shale slides. Don't take dogs :)
2) Stay to the top of the ridge or to the right unless it is clearly goes left.  Many, Many, trails lead off to the left tends to end into dangerous sections.  Try to keep at the top of the ridge.

needed all the layers at the top, we even had a dusting of snow flurries
Newlyweds Annie and Stephen at the summit!

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